Message from the President of the Nagasaki International University on Acceptance of Ukrainian Students(ウクライナ人学生の受入れに関する学長メッセージ)

Welcome to Nagasaki International University

 Sasebo is a beautiful city surrounded by a national park, Kuju-Kushima.  You can enjoy beautiful sceneries both in seaside and mountain sides. We would like you to experience in this area located in the western part of mainland Japan. That would be time spent like a local person. Eating the unique delicious local foods, experiencing Japanese life or viewing the global recognized scenic beauty of “Kujukushima”, there are many ways to spend your time in addition to learn sciences and so on.
Take a ferry over to the islands and you will find yourself in a mysterious place of World Heritage registered settlements and churchs. Of course, just walking around the downtown area, you will be receiving an exciting impression of Japan.  Not matter what season you visit, there are many ways to enjoy Sasebo and Ojika.
If you come to our University, you can learn a lot of unique curriculums over enjoying those natures. In addition, nonboring towns, Arita and Hasami are noted its pottery and porcelain. If you visit those towns, you will be fascinated by those products.
Moreover, the world-famous amusement park, Huis Ten Bosch is face to our University. This was built to imitate Dutch townscape 20 years ago.  Many people not only from Sasebo Citizens but also from east Asian people gather there to enjoy beautiful flowers, decorative illumination and playing equipment.

It would be a good opportunity to come to learn Japanese language, various liberal arts subjects and enjoy traditional cultures, such as Sado, flower arrangement, pottery and porcelain. 

You are welcome to come to learn at Nagasaki International University.  We will do our best to support you when you come to Sasebo.

Yukio Ando
President of Nagasaki International University

Our policy on the situation in Ukraine(ウクライナ情勢に係る本学の方針)

 At Nagasaki International University, we are concerned about the current situation in Ukraine and very much hope that the situation will be resolved peacefully as soon as possible. As an academic institution, Nagasaki International University has a mission to contribute to local and international communities through education and research. We also promote the SDGs throughout the school and support the 16th goals of "Peace and Justice for All".

 Therefore, in order to support students from Ukraine who want to continue their studies and research activities, we would like to accept as follows and prepare the learning conditions.

Support target

 Support for students who have lost their study and research opportunities due to the worsening situation in Ukraine

Contents of support

  • Exemption from tuition fees
  • Exemption from living and food expenses
  • Supporting living expenses

 We hope that our efforts will give hope to Ukrainian students, provide useful learning opportunities that lead to the future.

Inquiries regarding this matter

Nagasaki International University International Center


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