2022.06.23 大学総合

ウクライナからの学生受入れについて / Accepting students from Ukraine


1 対象


2 出願資格


3 受入れ身分

人間社会学部 科目等履修生(学位取得を目的としない非正規生としての受入れ)

4 受入れ期間


5 出願書類

  1. 志望理由書(本学指定様式)…メールで送付します。
  2. 履歴書(本学指定様式)…メールで送付します。
  3. ウクライナの大学の在学証明書又は卒業証明書
  4. ウクライナの大学の成績証明書
  5. 写真(3㎝×4㎝)3枚

6 出願書類送付先及び問い合わせ先

長崎国際大学 国際交流・留学生支援室

7 受け入れた方へのサポート

  1. 日本への渡航費の提供
  2. 住居の提供(学生寮を確保しております。)
  3. 生活支援金として月額5万円(予定)を当面1年間提供
  4. 入学料、授業料の免除
  5. 希望と必要に応じて医療支援を実施
  6. 希望と必要に応じてカウンセリングを実施
  7. 希望に応じて、日本語教育プログラムを開講


お問い合わせは までお気軽にお尋ねください。

Due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, a critical situation continues in Ukraine. Therefore, Nagasaki International University would like to provide a study environment for Ukrainian students who wish to continue their studies and research in Ukraine.

We would like to accept Ukrainian students who wish to continue their studies and research and provide them with a study environment as follows

1 Eligibility

Students who have lost opportunities for study and research due to the worsening of the situation in Ukraine.

2 Eligibility

Students of Ukrainian nationality who are currently enrolled in a Ukrainian university.

3 Acceptance status

Non-degree seeking students at the Faculty of Human Sociology

4 Acceptance period

about 1 year from the date of arrival in Japan

5 Application Documents

(1) Letter of reasons for applying (form designated by the university): Sent by e-mail.
(2) Curriculum vitae (form designated by the University): Sent by e-mail.
(3) Certificate of enrollment or certificate of graduation from a Ukrainian university
(4) Academic transcript from a Ukrainian university
(4) Transcript of academic records of Ukrainian universities
(5) Three photographs (3 cm x 4 cm)

6 Where to Send Application Documents and Inquiries

International Exchange and Student Support Office, Nagasaki International University

7 Support for Accepted Students

(1) Provision of travel expenses to Japan
(2) Providing housing (student dormitories are secured.)
(3) 50,000 yen per month (tentative) will be provided as living support for one year for the time being
(4) Exemption from entrance and tuition fees
(5) Provide medical support if desired and necessary
(6) Counseling services if desired and necessary
(7) Japanese language education program upon request

We also plan to provide other support for daily life as needed.

Since this is a contingency, we will be flexible with application documents, etc.
Please feel free to contact us at

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