Announcement from Organizing Committee Chairnew

Dear college:

Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science organized the Asian Conference on Colloid and Interface Science on November 24-27, 2015 in Arkas Sasebo, Sasebo, Japan.

We greatly appreciate participant in ACCIS 2015 JAPAN (Sasebo).

I hope that we have provided you with excellent science and the successful and enjoyable meeting.

We are little bit afraid of inconvenience for participant. However, we showed our organization skills; almost everything went on smoothly, on time and in order. The banquet was memorable and contributed certainly to bringing people together, facilitating exchanges and making new acquaintances in a friendly atmosphere. We have done our best as a host, being always there and concerned with everybody's well-being. Now we are little bit be proud of this accomplishment.

I would like to offer sincere wishes for a bright future as next ACCIS 2017 (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur).
Once again, thank you for joining us in ACCIS 2015 JAPAN (Sasebo).

With best regards,                                     サイン

Organizing Committee Chair
Prof. Dr. Osamu SHIBATA
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nagasaki International University


Photographs during the Conference


Announcement from Organizing Committee Chair

Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science will organize the Asian Conference on Colloid and Interface Science on November 24-27, 2015 in Arkas Sasebo, Sasebo, Japan.

You are very welcomed to this unique Asian scientific meeting on Colloid and Interface Science devoted to its various aspects - Colloidal Systems and Interfacial Phenomena including Biocolloids and Biointerfaces, Self-assembly of Surfactants, Block-copolymers and Nanoparticles, Preparation of (Bio)nanocomposites and Drug Delivery System, Nano-manipulation and Nanomaterials, Characterization of Structure and Properties by different Physico-Chemical Techniques, Applications in Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering, Food, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Environment Protection, Household and Oil Industry, etc. Our Asian meeting is open to the public and scientific communities of the worldwide.

I am sure that visitors will find a harmony between Sasebo city and the peaceful nature that can be found in stunning scenery of “Ninety nine islands”(Kujukushima). With mild seasons, the magnificence of these green islands and blue sea can be enjoyed year-round.

We hope all of you will participate in the Asian Conference on Colloid and Interface Science for enjoying both science and sightseeing around Kyushu (Southern part of Japan).


With best regards,

Organizing Committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Osamu SHIBATA


Latest News

Optional tour on 27th of Novembernew

  • Date:   27 November, 2015, after the closing remark
  • Place: HUIS TEN BOSCH (It takes ~20 min from Sasebo JR station by train)
  • Activity: Strolling HUIS TEN BOSCH on foot, by bus and Canal Cruiser & Entering Palace Huis Ten Bosch and Musical Hall & Seeing Kingdom of Light from ~18:00
  • Price: 4,400 JPY/person (0 < Total No. of participants < 10)
               4,300 JPY/person (9 < Total No. of participants < 30)
               4,200 JPY/person (29 < Total No. of participants)
  • How to pay: Reception desk in the venue (cash only: JPY)
  • Resevation: E-mail  ( or on site (Reception desk)
  • Web site:

If you want to enjoy the attractions in HUIS TEN BOSCH, please contact the ACCIS2015 office via e-mail ( We can also  offer you the ticket (1 day passport, 6,200 JPY/person).

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“Meet the Editors” lunch event

* “Meet the Editors” lunch event

  • Date:   26 November, 2015, Lunch time
  • Chief: Prof. Francoise M. Winnik (Editor-in-Chief of Langmuir, University of Montreal, Canada)
  • Senior editor: Prof. Atsushi Takahara (Kyushu University, Japan)
  • Seating Capacity:  about 80 people

80 Lunches (Sandwich with soft drink) will be provided by ACS (Langmuir)

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Best Poster Prizes Awards sponsored by ACS


    All  poster presentations by students (except post-doctor) are nominated for “Best Poster Prizes Awards”.  “Langmuir (the ACS Publications journal)” will provide three “Best Poster Prizes Awards”.   Each awardee will receive a  certificate and  a commemorative item.   Prizes will be presented in public at the ACCIS2015 closing ceremony on 27th Nov.

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