Brendan Van Deusen(ブレンダン ヴァン ドゥーセン)講師

Brendan Van Deusen


人間社会学部 国際観光学科


English as a Foreign Language (外国語として英語教育)


Virtual Exchange (バーチャルエクスチェンジ)
Extensive Reading (多読)
Task Based Language Teaching (タスクを基にした学修)


  • Practical English ⅠA

  • Practical English ⅡA

  • English Writing SkillsⅠ

  • English Writing SkillsⅡ

  • Seminar ⅠA (専門演習ⅠA)

  • Seminar ⅠB (専門演習ⅠB)

  • Seminar ⅡA (専門演習ⅡA)

  • Seminar ⅡB (専門演習ⅡB)

  • Seminar ⅢA (専門演習ⅢA)

  • Seminar ⅢB (専門演習ⅢB)

  • Practical English ⅢB

  • Regional ActivitiesⅠB(地域連携活動ⅠB)

  • English Practice ⅡA (英語演習ⅡA)


Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT), JALT Extensive Reading SIG, Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ), Asia Pacific Virtual Exchange Association (APVEA), Asian Association of Language Assessment (AALA), Nagasaki International University International Tourism Research Center (長崎国際大学国際観光学会)


Research Building 402 (研究棟402研究室)








  • MA Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Distinction), University of Birmingham (UK), Dissertation: A Micro-evaluation of Five Tasks for Extensive Reading

  • BFA Theatre (Distinction), University of Victoria (Canada)


  • 2008 - Present Nagasaki International University

  • 2006 - 2008 Omura City Board of Education (Nagasaki)

  • 2003 - 2006 Sasebo West High School (Nagasaki)


Research Overview

One of my recent interests is in the area of virtual exchange (or telecollaboration). This involves connecting students in Japan to students in other countries over the internet. My students have collaborated with peers in the UK, USA, Columbia, China, and the UAE.

I also have a keen interest in Extensive Reading. The basic principles of ER are that students read massive amounts of text that they have selected based on interest and language level. One area of ER that I research is implementation. I am concerned with how teachers can better support students to develop positive habits toward reading books in English. I am also interested in connecting ER to classroom tasks, such as discussion, writing, and projects.


JALT NANKYU Chapter Nagasaki Events Publicity Officer



  • 2017/11 Kawatana JHS English Camp Support 川棚中学校イングリッシュ・キャンプサポーター

  • 2014-2016 Nagasaki Prefectural Conference of the Center for English Education, Moderator (長崎県英語教育研究会、指導助言者)

  • 2013 – Present NIU High School Students Foreign Language Recitation Contest, Lead Organizer (長崎国際大学高校生外国語暗唱コンテスト、担当係)

  • 2012 – Present Teacher re-certification workshop, Instructor (教員免許更新講習会、講師)

  • 2012 - 2017 Intercultural exchange activities at local elementary schools (長崎国際大学異文化理解教室・研究室に関する活動)

  • 2012 - 2017 Guest lecture at Sasebo Commercial High School (長崎県立佐世保商業高等学校出前講義)

  • 2010 – 2014 Kyushu Bunka Gakuen English Recitation Contest, Judge (九州文化学園学内英語暗唱大会、審査員)

  • 2010 – 2012 NIU High School Students Foreign Language Recitation Contest, Staff / Judge (長崎国際大学高校生外国語暗唱コンテスト、スタッフ・審査員)



Saga University Faculty of Art and Regional Design, Arita Ceramics Course (佐賀大学芸術地域デザイン学部有田セラミックス分野)
•English B (英語B)
•English C (英語C)
•English D (英語D)



  • Van Deusen, Owatari-Dorgan, Rawson, & Shindo. (2017) Improving the Global Tourism Course Curriculum with Regard to Study Abroad Preparation: Initial Observations on One Student’s Experience at a Dutch University. Nagasaki International University Ronso. (v.17)

  • Owatari-Dorgan, Van Deusen, & Rawson. (2017) Methodological Changes to an Active Learning Tourism Video Project. Nagasaki International University Ronso. (v.17)

  • Rawson, Owatari-Dorgan, & Van Deusen. (2017) An Exploration of Creative Sentence Writing as a means for EFL Vocabulary Acquisition. Nagasaki International University Ronso.(v.17)

  • Owatari-Dorgan & Van Deusen (2017) The Benefits and Challenges of Using Google Forms with Extensive Reading. 2016 PanSIG Journal.

  • Van Deusen. (2012) Systemic Functional Grammar and Teaching English as a Foreign Language: An Analysis of Three Cooking Texts. Nagasaki International University Ronso. (v.12)

  • Van Deusen. (2011) The Power and Pedagogy of Quotations: Using a Political News Story in an EFL Classroom. Nagasaki International University Ronso. (v.11)


  • 2018/09 An Introduction to Extensive Reading, 67th Kyushu Chiku Daigaku Kenkyu Kyogikai (第67回九州地区大学教育協議会), Nagasaki International University

  • 2018/05 Teaching a University Seminar Class, PanSIG, Tokyo

  • 2018/04 With Skype or without Skype?: Effect of multimodal collaboration in a telecollaborative project. 3rd International Conference on Telecollaboration in Higher Education (CALICO Consortium), Krakow Pedagogical University, Poland

  • 2018/02 Implementing a tourism active learning video project, CamTESOL, Phnom Penh

  • 2017/11 Preparing students to study abroad in the Netherlands, JALT International, Tsukuba

  • 2017/11 Implementing a tourism active learning video project, JALT International, Tsukuba

  • 2017/06 Using online tools for peer-assessment of student writing, AALA, Taipei

  • 2017/05 Comparing two university classes using extensive reading, Osaka JALT, Osaka

  • 2017/03 Rethinking the Collaboration in Telecollaboration, 2nd Asia Pacific Virtual Exchange Association Conference, Princeton University, Princeton NJ

  • 2016/05 The Benefits and Challenges of Using Google Forms with Extensive Reading, PanSIG, Okinawa

  • 2016/04 Pursuing the Curriculum Goal Through Telecollaboration: Using telecollaboration as a student resource in language learning classes, 2nd International Conference on Telecollaboration in Higher Education (CALICO Consortium), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • 2015/06 Highs and Lows in ER Implementation, JALT ER Symposium, Kitakyushu

  • 2015/05 Improving Speaking Skills with Weekly Video Journals, PanSIG, Kobe

  • 2015/04 Using Technology to Teach Vocabulary, Nagasaki JALT, Nagasaki

  • 2012/05 A Micro-evaluation of Five Tasks for Extensive Reading, Task-based Learning and Teaching in Asia, JALT TBL Sig, Osaka

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