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URA Hidemi

URA Hidemi

Published Papers

A study on continued education after graduation for care worker training school graduates who work in care field : And to clarify the current status of care workers in human resource development, described the future challenges of continuing education after graduation

Hidemi URA


Issues Related to Teaching Methods of "Care-Work Process" : Future Issues and Importance of Inter-Subject Cooperation

Hidemi URA


The Way of Care Worker Training in University : Explore the Care Worker Training in the Future from the Current State of Care Practice of A University

Hidemi URA


The situations and issues of field education in social work

Natsuko HARADA,Kyouko TAKASHIMA,Hidemi URA

Nagasaki International University review 2010

The present conditions of the student who looked from care welfare training in the this school: through a summary after care welfare training performed at the age of a second grader

Hidemi URA,Hisako YAMASAKI

Nagasaki International University review 2008

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