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Message from the Dean

Faculty of Human and Social Studies

Masahito Ikenaga
Prof.Masahito Ikenaga

In the modern world, we have been facing a number of challenges including activated cross-border international exchanges on a global scale, declining local communities owing to a decrease in population, measures for living a long life with health in a longevity society, and others. These phenomena are true for other countries around the world as well as Japan.

The Faculty of Human and Social Studies consists of the two academic fields of tourism and social work for studying such phenomena in modern society. The Department of International Tourism aims to cultivate human resources who acquired specialized knowledge and skills on tourism and related areas and can act in a practical manner in the fields of local tourism industries, international exchanges, and community development. The Department of Social Work is making efforts to develop human resources who play active roles in local communities with a national license such as certified social worker, psychiatric social worker, certified care worker, or others. The key word is "local community" for both departments.

Faculty of Health Management

Hiroyuki Imamura
Prof. Hiroyuki Imamura

In recent years, diseases associated with adult lifestyle habits attributed to daily bad lifestyle habits, such as excessive eating, lack of exercise, obesity, overwork, excessive drinking, and excessive stress, have become an issue in Japan and accordingly the growing emphasis has been placed on the behavior modification in lifestyle habits and the nutritional education to support such modifications.

In order to adequately respond to such needs of the times, the Faculty is oriented toward a wide range of the study of Health Management, including related areas, such as medicine, sports science, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and laboratory medicine. All teachers are national registered dietitians, medical doctors, and specialists in sports science.

They contribute to producing excellent human resources that can play active roles in a wide range of fields such as hospitals, health and welfare facilities, schools, health promotion facilities, the pharmaceutical and food fields by bringing out the full potentials of students.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ryuzo Sakakibara
Prof. Ryuzo Sakakibara

In recent years, amid the sophistication and complications of medical treatment, the advent of a super-aging society, and the separation of dispensing from medical practice, pharmacists are required to have a broad range of skills, as well as the proper use of pharmaceutical products.

Thus, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to produce high quality graduates capable of working in the medical and health insurance business. In addition to basic and clinical pharmacy, we provide a broad range of academic programs in nursing, welfare services, and nursing care in terms of medical services for the elderly.

Furthermore, we aim to cultivate rich humanity in our students with medical ethics and great communication skills to work as members of a medical team, and produce high quality pharmacists who can respond effectively to social demands.

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