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Message from the Dean

Faculty of Human and Social Studies

Masahito Ikenaga
Prof.Masahito Ikenaga

In the modern world, we have been facing a number of challenges including activated cross-border international exchanges on a global scale, declining local communities owing to a decrease in population, measures for living a long life with health in a longevity society, and others. These phenomena are true for other countries around the world as well as Japan.

The Faculty of Human and Social Studies consists of the two academic fields of tourism and social work for studying such phenomena in modern society. The Department of International Tourism aims to cultivate human resources who acquired specialized knowledge and skills on tourism and related areas and can act in a practical manner in the fields of local tourism industries, international exchanges, and community development. The Department of Social Work is making efforts to develop human resources who play active roles in local communities with a national license such as certified social worker, psychiatric social worker, certified care worker, or others. The key word is "local community" for both departments.

Faculty of Health Management

Training managerial dieticians who can solve and handle various complex problems of food and nutrition in modern society.

Shuichi Nomura
Prof.Shuichi Nomura

In recent years, the demand for managerial dieticians has increased. A managerial dietician, a profession requiring national certification, has expertise and techniques in food and nutrition to solve and handle various complex problems regarding food and nutrition and nutrition and health in modern society.

In the Faculty of Health Management, we provide great educational programs based on our basic philosophy, Respect for Human Beings, which has been nurtured at our university. The students will acquire a wide and deep expertise and advanced techniques in terms of a spirit of hospitality, ethics view, a sense of mission, and food and nutrition, which are required as managerial dieticians, one of the healthcare professions, through our educational programs.

Our aim is to produce managerial dieticians with a spirit of hospitality, ethics view, and a sense of mission.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacists are scientists who contribute to community healthcare

Hideaki Fujita
Prof.Hideaki Fujita

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a national state of emergency was declared in Japan in April 2020, and healthcare professionals have been making strenuous efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in various parts of the country. If an “overshoot” should occur in a small municipality (community), it would surely lead to the collapse of the healthcare system. It is because the capacity of hospitals and the number of healthcare professionals, such as physicians and nurses who treat and attend to patients, are not sufficient in small municipalities, and the number of patients that they can manage per day is very limited. However, if there were a breakthrough wonder drug or preventive drug for COVID-19, and pharmacists could prescribe it in an appropriate manner, it could save many lives at a time and prevent the collapse of the healthcare system.

One of what is required for community-based healthcare is the pharmacists who have sophisticated medical and pharmaceutical knowledge and who can collaborate with other healthcare workers. As drug experts, pharmacists are required to have the scientific skills to select scientific data useful for healthcare and pharmaceutical issues and think and make judgments in a logical and autonomous manner.

In order to develop pharmacists who are scientists at the same time, the educational system of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nagasaki International University offers a curriculum that starts with the basics of pharmacy and then provides specialized courses in pharmacy and courses to develop communication skills and problem-solving skills, including graduation research. We aim to develop high-quality pharmacists who are indispensable for the protection of community-based healthcare.

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