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Postgraduate career

The graduates of the Department of International Tourism have taken up employment in a wide range of industries including the tourism industry such as hotels and travel agencies, civic servants, and the financial industry and contribute to the promotion of local communities and industries.

Many of the graduates of the Department of Social Work have accepted employment in the welfare-related industries such as welfare and public institutions. In addition, some graduates take up employment at a company while utilizing the expertise in social welfare.

The graduates of the Department of Health and Nutrition have accepted employment in various industries such as hospitals, welfare institutions, educational institutions, research positions at companies and research institutions by taking advantage of the expertise as a registered dietitian.

The graduates of the Department of Pharmacy have accepted employment in hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and administrative bodies after obtaining a license as a pharmacist.

In addition, some graduates wish to enroll into a graduate school and carry on studying to become a pharmaceutical researcher.

Postgraduate Career
(Those who graduated during the period between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019)

Faculty Department Number of Graduates Number of graduates who have taken up employment Number of graduates who have entered graduate schools
Faculty of Human and Social Studies Department of International Tourism 205 152 8
Department of Social Work 49 41 3
Faculty of Health Management Department of Health and Nutrition 78 76 2
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmacy 102 89 1
Total 434 358 14
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