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Common classes that promote human, international, social and natural understanding


NIU offers various introductory courses in our foundation seminars. Students will engage in a learning style that is more active than what they have experienced in high school. To prepare students for a future in post-secondary education these courses teach common writing skills, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

Human Understanding

Respect for human beings is the founding principle of our school and the basis of our educational and research activities. This track consists of courses that foster understanding of humanity, art, culture, lifelong health, and athletic ability. Among them, "Tea Ceremony" embodies the founding principles of NIU and it teaches friendship and hospitality.

International Understanding

Classes in this track focus on developing the skills necessary for working and living in an increasingly globalized world.  Language classes are designed to increase students’ ability to communicate in English, Korean, or Mandarin.  Other classes foster a deeper understanding of other countries and cultures.  In addition, international students can take advantage of specially designed classes in academic Japanese and Japanese society.

Social Understanding

Students in each department at NIU will benefit from classes in this track. We have classes in: sociology that teach an understanding of social structure and investigate everyday problems, law, politics and economics that provide a necessary foundation of knowledge to become a specialist.

Natural Understanding

We have courses in the natural sciences to deal with natural phenomenon and the laws of nature. These courses inspire interest in the natural sciences and develop logical and flexible thinking skills while investigating the wonders of nature. In addition, students learn information technology and computing skills.

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