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Message from the Head of the Department of Health and Nutrition

Aiming to cultivate human resources with expertise and resourcefulness under the attentive educational environment

Madoka Kumai
Prof. Madoka Kumai

Today, managerial dieticians are working as specialists in food and nutrition in various places. Their work covers a wide range of complex problems, such as maintenance and management of food, health, and nutrition, as well as in the prevention and treatment of diseases. In these circumstances, managerial dieticians are required to acquire advanced expertise and techniques to find problems and work toward solving them. Also, they are required to keep learning for the entire careers in order to cope with the rapid progress of science and changes in society. In our department, we provide a great curriculum in which the students can acquire nutrition based on medical science through lectures by the faculty staff comprising doctors and managerial dieticians and practices on site. Thus, we support the acquisition of managerial dietician certificate.

Since managerial dieticians work in cooperation with colleagues and other professions, they need to be cooperative and have good communication skills. In addition to the acquisition of knowledge and techniques, we aim to produce human resources who are required by the society—those who understand other people’s feelings with great humanity by training them in our attentive educational environment where managerial dieticians foster young managerial dieticians-to-be under the basic philosophy of the university, “Respect for Human Beings.”

Purpose of Educational Research

The Department of Health and Nutrition produces nutritionists and national registered dietitian capable of practicing in the field of health preservation/management who are equipped with specialized knowledge and skills in health and nutrition.

Department of Health and Nutrition – 3 Points

Medicine and Nutrition. Skills for Both Fields.

Medicine and Nutrition. Skills for Both Fields.

Nutrition based medicine. That's the basic principle of our Department. We've developed a program that illuminates the links between medicine and nutrition where students gain knowledge at the same time as they develop practical skills. The result is a Department that is training professionals who can capitalize on their knowledge of nutrition for the benefit of people everywhere.

Faculty with a Wealth of Experience

Faculty with a Wealth of Experience

Whether it's clinical health management, administrative health guidance, food development for food companies, or developing new medicine for pharmaceutical companies our faculty represent a rich and diverse background of professional specialists. The chance to "hear it like it is" from such faculty members has an inspirational effect on our students. So too does the chance to forge new paths in the field. And with the excellent faculty, facilities, and opportunities that we provide, students receive the support they need achieve their goals for the future.

Training Certified Nutritionists

Training Certified Nutritionists

The main goal of our Department is to train certified nutritionists. As the requirements are quite strict both faculty and students engage in an intense process of preparation to gain certification. Throughout this process, students are also able to earn a highly specialized education and develop in themselves a sense of pride of purpose that will benefit them in the future.

Curriculum of Department of Health and Nutrition

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