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Message from the Head of the Department of Social Work

Let’s learn and grow together in this enriched environment!

Ryu, Jeesong
Prof. Ryu, Jeesong

The Department of Social Work was established in 2000 when Nagasaki International University was founded. During the 20 years since then, many students graduated from the Department and have been playing an active role as competent social workers in communities.

In society, there are people who currently have difficulties in their lives or who feel it is difficult to live. In order to make the lives of these people happy, support from people around them is required, and such support sometimes requires expert knowledge. Some expert knowledge and skills are needed to consider what problems a person has that make it difficult to live, what causes the problems, and what kind of support is needed to solve the problems and to help solve these issues and the problems found. Technically, it is the expert knowledge and skills of social welfare.

The Department of Social Work offers a curriculum that enables students to acquire accurate specialized knowledge and skills of social welfare from the basics. Based on hospitality, the founding spirit of Nagasaki International University, the Department offers a place of meaningful learning that aims to develop specialists who can support people’s daily lives, communities, and society at large.

The Department of Social Work, where such learning is practiced, has three things that we can be proud of.

The first is caring faculty members filled with hospitality. Specialists in different disciplines who have gathered to put the learning of social welfare into practice support the studies and university lives of students from admission to graduation.

The second is our students who chose the Department with lofty and compassionate aspirations to learn social welfare to take good care of their families and improve society for the better. Students in the Department learn with keen interest and aim to become social welfare specialists while supporting and encouraging one another every day.

The third is the close and friendly relationships between faculty members and students. There is a trusting and comfortable environment where students can casually talk to and consult with faculty members about almost anything.

Let’s learn and grow together in this ideal study environment.
We at the Department of Social Work welcome you with open arms.

Purpose of Educational Research

The Department of Social Work produces graduates capable of practicing in the field of welfare policy/planning, welfare clinics, and welfare management who are equipped with specialized knowledge and skills in the social welfare and related fields.

Department of Social Work – 3 Points

A variety of support for improving learning skills, such as small classes and student assistants

Department of Social Work – 3 Points

Based on the thorough learning system of small classes, careful learning support by the Student Support Committee and upper-class students promotes self-reliance of students utilizing a special scholarship or personal growth for those who find it difficult to communicate with others.

Nurturing warm hearts hoping for people's happiness

Department of Social Work – 3 Points

In addition to acquiring sophisticated processional knowledge and skills, which is the purpose of social work education of our university, we develop human resources, including international students who can listen to others, hope for people's happiness while being able to understand others' deep feelings, and exercise leadership in the field of social welfare.

Support for passing national exams and obtaining various licenses

On top of classes including "the comprehensive exercise on social work," mock tests, and study sessions by seminar, this department provides intensive courses in summer and courses for each student to overcome subjects they find difficult to improve their skills and motivation for learning, and to achieve their goals for acquiring various licenses, such as that for certified social worker, psychiatric social worker, certified care worker, second-life adviser, school social worker, social welfare psychologist, childcare provider, para-sports trainer (for beginners) and others.

Curriculum of Department of Social Work

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